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by | Jan 21, 2021 | Blog

The online world is filled with instant experts who roll out of bed this morning and proclaim themselves to be the master at something.

Take the hot platform at the moment, Clubhouse.

Technically it launched last year, but it really only hit mainstream consciousness a few weeks ago. 

And it only took a few weeks (or less?) for marketers to crown themselves “Clubhouse experts” and promise to show people the way to riches on that brand spanking new platform.

That’s like me proclaiming myself to be the greatest, most knowledgeable parent in the world just days after my son was born!

Anyways, Bari Baumgardner and Blue Melnick from SAGE are legit experts on virtual events.

In 2020 (when a lot of entrepreneurs were running around like chickens with their heads cut off), they ran 36 live virtual events that drew over 146,000 attendees and generated over $175 Million for their clients.

They’re sharing how they did that and giving a roadmap for running your own successful virtual events in live trainings that they’re doing this week.

I was on one of them a few nights ago, and it was full of great advice. Here’s what a few attendees said:

“This event is amazing! Hats off to them!! Go SAGE!” – Randy Fike

“I’m happy that this is online, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to come to this. I hope you do this again.” – Stacy

“Great Job SAGE, love the platform, it’s very well done!!!” – Colleen Williamson

The live trainings are on multiple days and times this week to fit your busy schedule, and here’s the link to register for one:


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