A way to defend your coaching fees

by | Jul 17, 2021 | Blog

While I never say that coaches have to do something to be successful (there are plenty of ways to skin a cat after all), it’s hard to argue against having a group coaching program.

Group programs allow you to help more people and bring in a lot of additional revenue (and as the saying goes, “it’s hard to light up the world if you can’t pay your light bill”)

When you only have a 1:1 offering, if the prospect isn’t a fit for that then you’ve probably lost them.

But when you have a group program, you can whip that out of your back pocket.

“So my 1:1 isn’t the right fit for you … would you like to hear a way to get my help for about half of what I charge for my 1:1?”

I’ve never had anyone say to me; “Nah Marc, I don’t want to hear about that”.

If you only have a 1:1 offering, you’ll be tempted to cut your fees so you don’t lose a potential client.

So a group program helps you defend your 1:1 fees. If someone is trying to haggle, you propose your group program (or cut them loose altogether, since that could be a red flag and not someone you’re going to have fun working with).

If you’re interested in starting a successful group program, but you don’t know how, check out the training that Ron Reich is doing next week.

in it he’s going to teach how to fill a high-end group coaching program in under 60 days with a proven system that he uses with all of his clients.

It’s happening on Thursday, July 22nd at 12:30 pm ET. Register here:


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