A “tow truck” for when your business is stuck

by | Jan 14, 2022 | Blog

We got hit with a big snowstorm the other day.

So while driving on the highway yesterday, I passed a transport and a few cars that went off the road during it and were being helped by tow trucks to get back on the road.

Ah, winter in Canada … great for those in the towing business!

That got me thinking about when your vehicle is stuck.

If it’s stuck in a lot of snow, or mud, it doesn’t matter how hard you step on the gas … you’re probably going to need some help getting unstuck.

The same goes for business.

Regardless of how motivated and disciplined you are, there will be times when you know that you’re not firing on all cylinders and need help.

If you’re a coach (or any entrepreneur) who needs such help, check out the live masterclass that Sarah Griffiths is doing next Tuesday.

In it she’ll be sharing her “Total Transformation Technique”, which has helped hundreds of clients over the years (think of it as a “tow truck” for your business)

Save your seat for it here:


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