I’ll start this by saying that I enjoy the TV series “The Flash”.

I just got caught up on the latest season and it’s fun, has good characters, humour, and plenty of emotional moments.

But I actually prefer another superhero show: “The Boys” …


Because The Flash has had either 22 or 23 episodes in each of its seasons, which is way too long. It leads to a lot of filler episodes thrown in to kill time, and a loss of momentum for the main story.

On the other hand, the first season of The Boys was just eight episodes, so the show was able to focus on quality and story progression, and not have the season drag on.

I read recently that Amazon Prime is resisting the urge to increase the episode count for the next season of The Boys and will keep it at eight episodes, which is a good move.

Besides the number of episodes, shows usually get a little moldy and stale after the first few seasons – that’s why I like ones like “Breaking Bad”, that go out on top instead of trying to stretch things out to ten seasons to make more money.

(Although there is a new Breaking Bad movie being released on Netflix this fall, so I might be eating my words in a few months …)

The same quality vs quantity thing often applies to books too. I never put a book’s value on its page count. I’ve bought some that are 125 pages and awesome, and others that are 500 pages of filler and I couldn’t make it past the first 20 pages.

I see a lot of coaches trying to cram more stuff into their programs to justify the value, when it could be having a negative effect on what they’re doing.

This is the reason why every monthly issue of my Secret Coach Club hard copy newsletter is just 16 pages long (or sometimes 20).

I focus on putting my best, exclusive stuff in there, rather than padding it with junk to justify the price.

The issues are short enough that you can go through them in 30 minutes, highlight and take some notes, and then get to work on putting what you learn into action.

The next issue heads to the printer this weekend, and there’s still time to grab it.

You can get the subscription details here:



PS: I just added some bonuses for new subscribers, the details are on the page …

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