The world’s largest Swiss Army knife is the “Wenger Giant”.

The thing weighs about 20 times more than the standard Swiss Army knife, and has 141 different functions.

The vast selection of tools in that one knife includes:

A laser pointer with 300-foot range
A tire tread gauge
A fish scaler
A metal saw
A flashlight
A skateboard

Ok, I’m kidding about the skateboard – but the knife has pretty much everything else under the sun in it.

If you’re lost in the wilderness, or building a house from scratch with your bare hands, you want the Wenger Giant.

When building a coaching business, it can feel like you need a Swiss Amy knife (of sorts).

You have to cobble together a bunch of tools to make it all work:

online calendars
something to manage your contacts
something for your coaching sessions
something for documents
something for invoicing
and on and on …

It’s a royal pain in the behind to have to log into all of these separate tools.

And they may not look expensive separately, but $20 or $30 (or more) every month for each can add up to “death by a thousand cuts” for your budget.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to fix this, check out the “CoachablePros” platform by hopping over here:

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