A Santa Claus who kills (and the cure for “phoning it in”)

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Blog

I’m not going to lie, I’m looking forward to seeing the new movie “Violent Night” – a dark comedy about a butt-kicking Santa who saves the day by killing a bunch of criminals who are terrorizing a family.

(With a Santa spitting out puns like “Time for some season’s beatings”, who wouldn’t want to see it?!?)

But not all Christmas movies are destined to be classics like this one.

“Home Alone 4” makes any of the “Sharknado” flicks look like “The Godfather” or “Citizen Kane”.

The acting was horrible.

The plot had more holes than a chunk of Swiss cheese.

And it looked like it was shot in an afternoon with a $1000 budget.

Everyone involved, from scriptwriter to director to the actors, appeared to be “phoning it in”.

I’m not saying that any coaches have dropped to the depths of this movie, but it’s common to lose motivation in this industry as well (especially this time of the year).

When you’re trying to do it all alone it’s hard to keep your energy level high and remain accountable to be doing what you should be doing every day.

I started The Coaching Jungle Mastermind to keep coaches from falling into “Home Alone 4 mode”.

I’m re-opening the mastermind for 6 motivated coaches, and in early January we start our weekly calls, with support between those calls, to ensure your coaching business doesn’t turn into a “Wet Bandit”.

We won’t let you take your foot off the gas or phone it in …

The good news? If you join this week you’ll get in at a special Black Friday price of $297/month instead of the usual $397/month:


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