One of my first jobs, after having a paper route, was pumping gas at the local store.

Nowadays, you’re hard-pressed to find a gas station attendant, since most pumps (at least where I’m at) are self-serve.

Come to think of it, I can’t remember seeing any full-serve pumps in years …

The same trend is happening at grocery stores and in retail, with more places experimenting with self-checkouts.

A few weeks back, I was surprised when a store that I frequent removed some of their cash registers, and is encouraging customers to use the fancy new self-checkout kiosks instead.

I’m not complaining, I pump my own gas when I need to fill up, and I use the self-checkouts often.

No big deal.

But unfortunately, this DIY trend is becoming more common in the coaching world.

More and more coaches are offering “coaching”, but they never actually speak to the client.

Everything is DIY instead, with clients consuming videos, worksheets, PDFs, etc but never communicating with the coach.

That’s not coaching … it’s an online program.

I’m not bashing online programs – I offer a few of them and they’ve helped a lot of people.

My issue is when online programs are being disguised as coaching, even though there’s no interaction between the coach and the client.

Personally, I like working directly with clients. My business will continue to evolve over the years, but I’ll always be working with some clients.

I like keeping my pulse on what’s going on, and I get a jolt of energy from coaching people directly.

if you’re a coach who wants more direct help than videos, I’m opening up my next “10 Clients In 90 Days” group soon.

I’ll actually be there for 12 weekly sessions on the video calls, working with a small (max 6) group of coaches.

And you’ll actually get support between the calls.

A real, live coach?

Crazy concept, I know …

If you prefer a DIY program, this isn’t for you.

If you’d like a more hands-on approach, check it out here:

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