It’s been a rough start to the 2019 baseball season for my Toronto Blue Jays.

Until the last two games, they couldn’t hit the ball or score, and wins have been rare. 

At times they’ve resembled the Bad News Bears, and it’s been embarrassing to watch.

I admit, I’m angry – but not because they have a losing record …

Everyone knew that 2019 was supposed to be a “rebuilding” year, and they have some exciting young players who could be really good down the road.

I’m angry because the team’s management (who are getting paid the big bucks to make the right personnel decisions) waited a few years longer than they should have to start the rebuilding process.

Back in 2015 and 2016, the team made the playoffs with some (aging) stars who had trade value.

After they fell short in the 2016 playoffs they should have traded those players to get good young players in return. I remember my brother and I talking about that way back then, and neither of us are Major League general managers (although that would be a cool gig).

Instead, management put on their rose-coloured glasses and hung onto the players they should have traded. Those guys then did what aging players do – they got hurt and put up bad statistics, and they suddenly no longer had any trade value.

When management finally clued in and committed to rebuilding the team with younger players recently, their former stars were sent packing with little or no compensation for the team (and in some cases they had to pay millions of dollars to other teams just to take them off their hands!).

As in baseball, in business you’ll want to constantly be building your “dream team”.

As in baseball, one player can’t play every single position – you need other good ones to help out around the field.

And also as in baseball, timing is everything.

There are a lot of coaches who should be bringing in help ASAP to get to the next level, but they’re putting on their own rose-coloured glasses and telling themselves that they can handle everything.

It’s keeping them stuck, frustrated, and even leading to burnout.

If this sounds like you, you should hear what Talmar Anderson from Boss Actions teaches.

Talmar is a hiring strategist who helps coaches and entrepreneurs build their dream teams, and next Thursday she’s hosting a live training where she’ll be showing how you can beat the overwhelm of your business and start to build the skill that differentiates a successful coach from a struggling coach.

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