There are some crazy ways you could spend an hour.

I asked my friends on Facebook for ideas, and heard back about some of their personal experiences, including:

  • Filming great white sharks 25 feet underwater off the coast of South Africa (Chris Hayward)
  • Jumping out of a plane that’s 20,000 feet in the air (Lauren Clemett)
  • Doing the “most dangerous hike in the world” at Huashan National Park in China (Scot McKay – I saw his video of him doing it and it’s enough to make you queasy … even if you aren’t scared of heights)

At 9 am EST today, I’ll be doing a live training with Glen Oliveiro where he’ll be showing how you can manage and grow your coaching business more easily.

It’s not as crazy as swimming with sharks, jumping out of planes or scaling dangerous mountains, but I think it’d be crazy to miss an opportunity to learn what Glen is teaching in that hour.

For a new perspective on your coaching business, register here:

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