A crazy toothpaste story

by | Jun 21, 2022 | Blog

I once heard about a crazy marketing strategy that involved toothpaste.

Back in the 1950’s, a man approached a toothpaste company with an idea that he promised could increase their sales by 40%, without increasing their production cost.

He offered to sell the idea to the company for $100,000, but was turned down.

But a short while later, the company decided to roll the dice and went back to the man to accept his offer. Contracts were drawn up, the money was paid, and he handed them an envelope with a small piece of paper inside. The paper read:

“Make the hole bigger”

Making the holes in their tubes bigger meant that more toothpaste would be released every time they were squeezed, so customers would have to replace their toothpaste more often.

I love hearing stories about people doing business differently, and I do my joint venture partnerships in a very unique way.

If you have something that benefits coaches and are willing to try something new, I have some spots open to work together to get your offer sold this summer.

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