I receive a lot of cold pitches from people wanting to be a guest on my podcast.

This isn’t a rare thing, I talk with a lot of other hosts and they get a lot of pitches too.

Interview requests have increased a ton over the last few years, as more entrepreneurs have caught on to the benefits of getting out on podcasts.

Since “Natural Born Coaches” is booked solid well into next year, I haven’t been accepting any new bookings. The requests continue to pour in, but I’ve had to decline them all …

But I recently received an email from someone I don’t know, and it was such a great pitch that I invited her to come on the show.

One of the things she did was not just copy and paste her pitch to 1000 hosts (we can spot “copy and paste” jobs a mile away).

Besides that, she did several other things really well that got me to waive my “no new bookings” policy and eagerly invite her to be a guest.

I’m going to share what she did, and the exact email that she sent, in the December issue of the “Secret Coach Club” print newsletter.

If you’ve been struggling to get booked on shows, you can take it and use it to increase your bookings exponentially.

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