A book recommendation for coaches

by | Sep 14, 2023 | Blog

Earlier this week, I was asked during a podcast interview for a good book recommendation for coaches.

My answer:

“Coaching Questions” by Tony Stoltzfus.

You’d never guess what this book is about in a million years …

Questions to ask during coaching sessions!

It’s a handy-dandy reference guide with almost 1200 questions from real coaching situations, and a great resource to keep close by on your desk.

Another great resource is the mini-training that I released last week, showing how you can get to consistent $10K months for your coaching business without sending 100s of cold DMs every day or dumping money into advertising.

Give it a watch here:


PS: Speaking of questions, during the mini-training I give 3 questions that coaches must answer to be successful! Watch it right away by going here:


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