I’ve been beating the drum and talking about how important copywriting is for coaches and online entrepreneurs.

Yet I keep hearing from them:

“I’m a coach – not a copywriter!”

One of my go-to, recommended copywriting resources is Kae Wagner.

Kae first got into copywriting when she was just 12 years old, by winning a state-wide award for a radio ad that she wrote for a competition.

Since then she’s gone on to become a two-time author, marketing columnist for a national trade magazine, award-winning TV producer and filmmaker, publisher of several digital magazines, and has written million-dollar award-winning copy …

So she knows a thing or two about copywriting.

Kae has identified a handful of the big copywriting mistakes that destroy sales results, and you can learn them (with no opt-in required) by heading here:


While you’re there, also check out Kae’s 4-step copywriting sales funnel, which you can apply to your business … and find out how you can work directly with her for a steal (her offer is a no-brainer!).

You have to check out the page to learn more – here’s that link again:


PS: Here are just a few of the many testimonials that Kae has received over the years:

“Kae’s a true pro who always shows up ready to make her clients shine. She’s a Marketing Genius and knows her stuff. If you’re looking to get your marketing kicked up a notch or two, Kae’s your person. She’s strategic and pragmatic and knows how to create the magic in the marketing.” – David Newman (Do It Marketing)

“Writing with Kae is amazing. She makes writing so easy, effortless and productive. In one hour’s time we structured and wrote my lead magnet on the 3R’s Roadmap. You might not think that writing in real time together would be possible, but Kae makes it work. If you have the chance to write with her, grab it. You will have the most productive hour in your day with Kae. – Maggie Maier

“Your laser focused vision is amazing and I’m so glad I get to benefit from your coaching expertise.” – Heike Martin

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