$1285 in bonuses for my new laser coaching clients!

by | Nov 29, 2022 | Blog

This week I’m accepting new clients into in my 1:1 laser coaching program, and I’m offering $1285 in cool bonuses for those who take the plunge:

In addition to getting my Daily Email System (value $497) and Facebook Group Gold program (value $497), my new 1:1 laser clients will get 3 back issues of my Secret Coach Club hard copy newsletter (value $291 USD) shipped right to their door!

To answer a question about the Secret Coach Club bonus:

“Can I choose any back issues, or does it have to be certain ones?”

You can choose from any of the almost 70 monthly issues that I’ve released since I started the newsletter back in March 2017.

Once you commit and your payment is received, you’ll be emailed a back catalogue PDF that shows what was covered each month.

Secret Coach Club is filled with exclusive tips and strategies that I haven’t released anywhere else (not to my email list, on social media, my podcast or anywhere), and I’ve covered a ton of topics in its pages over the years.

Once you choose the back issues that you want, I’ll have my printer ship them out to you ASAP so you can get them in your hands (they’re pretty fast – unless you live in Antarctica you should get them in about 7-10 days).

A few spots remain so if you want one of them you can grab it here (I’m closing it this Sunday night):


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