Episode #772: Larry Yu: 7 Essential Keys To High-Quality Website Design!

by | Jul 4, 2022 | Podcasts

Today’s guest is someone you’ll be hearing a lot from over the next year, and he’s someone who has something that can really help coaches create or build their brand and business! Larry Yu is the co-founder of Pinnacle Brands, our recommended agency for all your website, branding, and design needs, and he’ll be appearing on the podcast, in my Facebook Group, and wherever I am to help you with building your authority and brand online.

In this episode, Larry reveals the 7 essential keys to high-quality website design, and if you would like to level up and look like a leader in the coaching space, listeners of this podcast get $500 off their first website with Pinnacle Brands (plus some cool bonuses too). Spaces are limited, so to take advantage of Larry’s offer to listeners, visit https://naturalborncoaches.com/website!

What We Cover in This Episode:

  • The importance of a well-functioning and well-designed website
  • Larry’s advice for color scheme and tips on color theory
  • What to know about typography, the styling, and sizing of your font
  • His thoughts on Images, image quality and original photos
  • What to do with the spacing for your copy, images and buttons
  • Website button style and design tips
  • How to use background accents and textures
  • Why you need to stay consistency throughout your site
  • Ways to balance keeping your clients happy while using solid design strategies
  • What to do to start differentiating yourself in the marketplace
  • Larry’s offer to you as a coach!


“How the branding works is going to influence how they perceive everything else you do in your market.”

“In very completive spaces, branding is a competitive advantage, and it’s a differentiating factor.”

“Ideally, if you have the budget for it and are working on a personal brand of coaching site, I recommend investing the money to getting get high-definition photos taken of yourself.”

“I made a commitment with Pinnacle Brands to always make it reasonable and in a place where it is accessible by both experienced coaches and new coaches alike.”


Get $500 Off Your First Website With Pinnacle Brands!

Larry’s Website & Free Website Checklist

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Coolors & Fontpair


Unsplash & Hero Patterns

Creative Market & Canva


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