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Episode #833: Matt McWilliams: The Real Power of Affiliate Marketing

by | Sep 4, 2023 | Podcasts

If you’re a coach who is looking ways to boost revenue and build relationships, then affiliate marketing could be for you. My guest is Matt McWilliams, and in the 19 years between his first business venture and living out his passion and purpose, he’s worked with more than 300,000 online business owners while running affiliate programs, product launches, and book launches for some of the top thought leaders in the online space. Today, Matt coaches small business owners, solopreneurs and wantrepreneurs on how to start the right online business, scale it and eventually go full-time with it. I’m excited for you to hear what Matt has to share in this episode, specifically about the real power of affiliate marketing!

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What We Cover in This Episode:

  • The reasons behind why Matt writes his books
  • How he looks at affiliate marketing and why it’s an important tool for businesses to be leveraging
  • Ways you can find the right affiliates to partner with you
  • How to maximize the effectiveness of affiliate marketing in your business
  • How Matt approaches potential affiliate partners and what he shares with them to make sure they know what his product is all about
  • A specific story he wants to share and the lessons that he learned from this experience
  • One final piece of advice that can be a gamechanger for you in your coaching business!


“Let’s just say you’re a fitness coach and you’ve got somebody who’s a nutritionist. They don’t teach the exercises, the stretches or any of that stuff. They specifically focus on nutrition, so who are they going to refer people to?”

“The more hand holding, the more time and the more cost to you, the lower the commission.”

“I have found that affiliate traffic, by far, is the highest converting traffic. It’s even better than the most targeted Facebook Ads or [Google] search.”


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