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Episode #831: Dan Mangena: Tapping Into Your Money DNA

by | Aug 21, 2023 | Podcasts

Today’s returning guest is Dan Mangena, someone who is empowering people to live abundant, joyful, purpose-driven lives using their “Money DNA™”, and you’re going to hear what it’s all about in this episode!  

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What We Cover in This Episode:

  • Dan’s tips for choosing a vehicle to deliver your message that you already have a natural aptitude for
  • Why the role you play in the day-to-day execution of your business should align with your strengths
  • The correlation that exists between your business and love languages
  • How to make decisions without being limited to your unconscious beliefs, habits, and behaviors
  • Ways to discover what motivates you and why doing this creates certain actions and behaviors to propel you forward
  • How identifying your money DNA will enable you to quickly assess whether a certain task is in alignment with you
  • What putting these strategies in place will allow you to do  


“I think everyone is kind of looking for that one answer, and the answer is what are your strengths and where do you have natural aptitude?”

“It makes zero sense for you to be doing something that you have a really deep negative emotion about.”

“The unconscious mind for the most part is operating at 10 thousand to 10 million times the speed of the conscious mind.”

“It is important to understand how to filter the messages coming into your mind when you are going to make decisions.”

“We can have all the theory in the world, but if we are not actually executing, we are not going anywhere.”


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