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Episode #804: Lindsay Shearer: Pinterest Strategies for Coaches

by | Feb 13, 2023 | Podcasts

In this episode, I’m joined by Lindsay Shearer of Pins4Profit, a Pinterest Ads and SEO expert who is here to discuss all things Pinterest. If you’re a coach who is looking to grow your business (who isn’t!), Pinterest just may be what you’re looking for, and you’re going to want to hear what Lindsay reveals today!

What We Cover in This Episode:

• The unique buying cycle on Pinterest and what this approach looks like from an evergreen perspective

• Pinterest’s visual newsfeed/search engine and how it works to collect your ideas and inspiration

• Lindsay’s thoughts on buyer behavior and the way they’re using Pinterest to make purchases

• How she couples organic and paid offers on Pinterest in order to have a solid Pinterest strategy in place for her business

• A look at how the cost for ads on Pinterest compare to that of Facebook or other social media platforms

• What type of content you should be using as a coach on Pinterest

• Lindsay shares about her career and how she approaches speaking engagements, cold outreaches and utilizing paid ads


“We essentially do a multi-strategy that is hitting both the [paid] ad and the organic staying power on Pinterest, so things last much longer than other platforms.”

“Pinterest is extremely education-based. People want to learn about you, they want to learn about the solution, and they want to build trust. It is a very trust building platform because it’s a search engine, so they are intentionally looking for solutions to their problems.”

“As you’re creating your coaching package, if you have a good package that takes people on a clear journey and focuses on the result of that journey, it’s so much easier for them to say yes.”

“The idea is you want to stand out in the scroll. Most people on Pinterest are using a very muted color palette, so if you have something that is brighter, usually those things tend to stand out more.”


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