Episode #787: Don’t Put Your Eggs in One Basket!

by | Oct 17, 2022 | Podcasts

In my years in the online space, I’ve tried a lot of things to build and grow my coaching business. During this time, I’ve seen what’s worked for me, and it’s what I call the “Triple Punch.” In this episode, you’ll hear more about the three main things that I focus on and use to consistently deliver my message to my target audience and work with my dream clients, and I’ll share a way that you can get hands-on support from me to help you do the same!

I currently have several openings to work 1:1 with motivated coaches who are serious about building a successful business! I’ll partner with you to create something that doesn’t need complicated funnels, or a bunch of money spent on ads, and instead focuses on three big things that I have almost a decade of experience in: podcasting, community-building, and daily emails! Stop wasting time and money trying to guess how to get coaching clients – there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. Interested? Go to http://triplepunchpackage.com for more details!

What We Cover in This Episode:

  • Examples of what “putting all your eggs in one basket” looks like, and how doing this can backfire quickly

  • The three methods I use to get my message across

  • Why I focus on each of these things, and how you can adapt them to fit your business

  • What I’m now doing to give you 1:1 support to add a “triple punch” to your coaching business … 


 “You need to be able to gather your people somewhere, and hopefully they can get to know, like, trust you and do business with you.”

“I’ll try some new things sometimes, just to see if I like it, but it has to be really good.”

“Guesting on a podcast is great, because you’re showing up for 30 or 45 minutes, but you’re not handling any of the editing, or any of the production [tasks].”

“For daily emails, I have people say to me that they don’t like writing, so they can’t imagine themselves emailing a list daily. A lot of times you think you’ve got to write this big, long email; I’ve had clients before, in these cases video people, and their daily emails were literally one sentence long.”


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