Episode #693: Micheal Burt: Monetizing Your Coaching Talent (in a MONSTER Way)!

by | Dec 28, 2020 | Podcasts

Coach Micheal Burt is considered “The Super Coach,” a unique blend of a former championship coach who has an entrepreneurial mind. Coach Burt began his coaching career at the age of 18 at Woodbury Grammar School before being hired as an assistant at one of the largest high schools in TN (Riverdale) at 19. He quickly rose through the ranks before being named the youngest head coach in TN at one of the largest high schools at the age of 22. Over a nine-year period of being the head coach he won 221 games, produced seven 20+ win seasons, four conference titles, three sub-state appearances, two miss basketball finalists, and the school’s first ever Class AAA state championship. He laid the foundation for the school to go on to win five of the next seven state championships and become the USA today #1 team in the country a few years later.

After four books released and speaking engagements all over the country Coach Burt retired from athletic coaching to build his coaching company of Micheal Burt Enterprises. He now speaks, coaches, trains, and leads some of the top companies in the world. His biggest coaching program has over 150 entrepreneurs and sales professionals enrolled in MONSTER PRODUCER and his new virtual training interactive platform is called “The Monster Growth Academy” which houses over 400 web based interactive lessons for you to absorb on any device anytime.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • A story of inner engineering and building championship cultures
  • How Micheal correlates the intensity of basketball coaching to business coaching
  • What playing at a higher frequency is all about
  • The way to recognizing, then monetize, your talents
  • Michael’s thoughts on marriage and business
  • A sneak peek at The Million Dollar Coaching Summit!


“I love working with coaches, and helping coaches monetize their messages.”

“I was both motivated and fascinated by the psychology of getting a person to a higher level of performance.”

“We make a decision to go pro in the body, and that is physical. in the mind that’s mental, in the heart that is emotional and in the spirt it’s spiritual.”


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