Episode #679: The Oola Guys: Building An Oola Life!

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Podcasts

Today’s special guests are Dr. Dave and Dr. Troy, or “The Oola Guys”, and they’re here to talk about how they help others find balance and live a life of less stress and greater purpose – the Oola Life (and how they specifically help coaching professionals do this)!

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What is “Oola” – how it came to be!
  • How one of them lost everything in 2008, and the way he was able to go back to the top following the framework they created
  • A glimpse at the different segments that are part of the Oola framework
  • What they think some of the main problems are in the coaching world, and how the Oola program helps solve many of them


People are hungry for balance, a guide to step in, not a success guru but someone that says that they have something that they can walk you through”

“If you are empowered with a framework and you’re empowered with a tool that you can transform someone’s life with, it’s your job to boldly pursue that, because that is how you can have a positive impact”

“If we figure we can take out those sticking points for coaches, then we could build a network that collectively and together can change the world with this word, ‘Oola.’”


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