Anik Singal is an entrepreneur, dreamer, fighter, bestselling author, speaker, teacher and philanthropist. If you would like the proven 5-step influencer formula that you can begin using in your business today, then this is an episode that you are not going to want to miss!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Anik’s story of failure, defeat and accepting failure, and how those experiences turned into a multi-million dollar business for him
  • The way he used his understanding of human interaction to transform himself and capture the attention of people around him
  • How the human mind “ticks” – and what you can do to utilize this in your sales calls, coaching calls, and in the way you write your copy
  • Why his 5-step formula works so well at this point in time  
  • How to correctly frame introduction and story
  • What to do to create killer content, and transition to asking for the sale
  • His recommendations for how to best construct and deliver your pitch – and confirm the sale!


“We have changed. Our human mind has completely changed.”

“A great salesperson’s job is two-part. One part is to get someone’s attention, and two, to retain their attention.”

“The introduction does not convince them to purchase your service. The introduction convinces them to stay through the pitch.”

“The purpose of content is credibility.”


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