Ana Melikian is the host of the MINDSET ZONE podcast, and CEO of AMAZE Coaching LLC and she believes people can easily achieve success and fulfillment when they put their ducks in a row – meaning mindset, strategies and implementation.

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Things you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Why every entrepreneur needs a LinkedIn profile
  • The best approach to have on the platform
  • Why LinkedIn has an edge over other social media platforms
  • How to utilize certain tools available on LinkedIn to maximize its effectiveness
  • The right way to connect with people on LinkedIn – and what not to do


“There’s no question that is dumb, in my opinion. We are lifelong learners most of us, and it’s the question of having a safe place to ask questions.”

“I am all about the essence of the things that we do on LinkedIn that produce more results, and to focus on that.”

“You have to resist a little of the tendency of the shiny objects out there, and really be extremely focused.”

“You can be successful as a solo business owner, but you have to also be willing to dig a little bit in your own personal development.”


Ana’s Website & Presentation on August 13th, 2020


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