Tommy Baker is a writer, speaker, coach and host of the Resist Average Academy, a top-rated Apple Podcast show designed to give you the knowledge, inspiration and action steps to live a life by design – never by default. Tommy lives for the moment someone gets the spark of what’s possible, and then crafts a plan to bring that vision to life through his mastermind groups, podcast episodes, books, courses and more.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What the Pomodoro Method is all about, and how Tommy uses it in his life and business
  • One of the big myths of productivity
  • What to do to find your rhythm for productivity
  • The reverse engineering process Tommy uses to plan his 25-minute stint
  • Tips and tricks to keeping your mind on the BIGGER goal


“Productivity isn’t about doing more, so you can do more.”

“Productivity is about getting your freedom back.”

“One of the great things about focus is that it creates flow-like states, where your performance is highly elevated.”


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