Karen McDermott is the founder of Serenity Press, Making Magic Happen Academy and Everything Publishing Academy. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, multi-genre author of over 20 books, mentor and renowned speaker. Karen is also an advanced Law of Attraction practitioner who teaches people how to attract anything they want into their lives, and her annual retreats are sought after events with featured famous guests.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why Karen says that if you’re a coach, you should have a book
  • The way that she began writing her first book, and how that was a catalyst into the career she has today
  • The framework process she used to write her first book
  • Why it isn’t always a “writer’s block” that’s holding back would-be authors
  • It’s never about the word count
  • Tips for naming your book and designing a cover that will engage your audience


“Having somebody’s full attention where they actually engage with you and your words, that is like gold.”

“Writing a book is an evolutionary process. Whenever you are writing, certain things will come to your mind and your thoughts will evolve.”

“Inspiration comes at the most inconvenient times quite often.”


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How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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