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Episode #647: Lewis Raymond Taylor and Liam James Collins: Turning Your Adversity Into An Asset With The Coaching Masters!

by | Feb 17, 2020 | Podcasts

The Coaching Masters are online transformational coaches, who have their own online coaching business that allows them to open up their laptop from anywhere in the world and deliver powerful coaching conversations for their clients, and today you’ll meet the leaders of this movement – Lewis Raymond Taylor and Liam James Collins!

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Lewis and Liam built a relationship from sharing their personal adversities, which resulted into merging their businesses
  • The realization they had that sharing your adversities and wins can help foster a strong community
  • Why Liam and Lewis choose collaboration over competition – every time
  • The ways you can “coach your way to freedom” by giving ordinary people extraordinary tools
  • The crossover between social media marketers and online influencers and why this is relevant for young coaches


“This isn’t just a job for us, and this isn’t just a business. This is something that saved us in many respects.”

“We have created this community of people that just want to support each other and love each other, and help each other.”

“We want to make having a coach as fashionable as having a personal trainer.”


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