As the author of a book that was used to influence millions of voters in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election through social media disinformation campaigns (without his knowledge), Sean Webb probably knows the human mind as well as anyone can. From his work in logically modeling human emotions for the world of Artificial Emotional Intelligence, to his real-world practice as an author, speaker and guide to helping individuals supercharge their minds and lives with the knowledge of how their mind works, Sean pushes the bleeding edge of mind sciences to the next level.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How our human minds work and the way that Sean built his business around this concept
  • What to do to start turning down your negativity, while hacking your own mind
  • Why expanding your sense of self begins by implementing distance between you and your mind
  • Tips and strategies for changing the minds of your client base
  • How Sean thinks social media is impacting the minds of its users


“This is literally the doorway of expanding from humanity 2.0 into humanity 3.0.”

“You’re going to increase your happiness by 20% just by learning how your mind works.”

“If you are not managing your mind, and that science is 100% correct, then social media is going to ruin your day.”


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