After her career as a private investigator, Jody Milward worked as a Facebook freelancer, as an in-house ad strategist and she founded her own Facebook advertising agency, Social Charlie. She’s managed a global team of some of the best Facebook marketers in the world, and has worked on campaigns for some of the biggest personal brands and influencers in the online space. Jody has helped her clients generate millions of dollars and 10x their ad spend, and she’s sharing her wisdom and best tips in today’s episode!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How FB advertising have changed over the past three years (and why you need to also)
  • Why you need to use retargeting on Facebook in a big way – before the potential loss of pixel tracking
  • The reasons that investing into Facebook ads isn’t a game of Instant ROI
  • The way that ads can reveal what’s broken in your sales process or funnel
  • Jody’s thoughts on “ad trolls” and the opportunity they can give you and your business  


“About 80% of your ads are going to fail. It’s 20% that finally do work, and they are the ones that really bring in the gold for you.”

“It’s through those retargeting campaigns that you can continue to nurture your audience.”

“Combining value and education, alongside direct response copy, is a very effective way to go.”


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