Are you struggling to get the kinds of clients you really want? Does your direction lack clarity? As a High Performance Business Profits Coach, Jeanne Omlor helps small business owners grow vastly profitable businesses that stay true to their vision and mission. If you are really serious about getting your business to Maximum Profits or even if you are on you way there, Jeanne can help you and your company.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How having a steady stream of leads will prevent being “client poor”
  • Why you should only build a funnel and use paid ads after validating your offer
  • What Jeanne considers the “sweet spot” for small business owners

  • That there is a right way and the wrong way to use organic content
  • Jeanne’s view on the future of coaching and online education


“I think that is key to progress in life is to admit you need help.”

“A coach cannot not have a thriving business if they are client poor.”

“I am qualifying them as much as they are qualifying me.”

“Serving should always be the mindset.”


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