Internationally acclaimed entrepreneur, author and creator of The Body Dialog system of healing, Jennifer McLean is a spiritual catalyst. Intelligent, heart-centered and mindful Jennifer works with the acclaimed masters from the transformational thought and wellness communities, amplifying their teachings at a level her audience can absorb, no matter where they are in their own spiritual journey. This valuable amplification skill combined with Jennifer’s intention to be a beacon of love, peace and light, has allowed her, in a few short years, to build a successful international business from the ground up.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Jennifer was able to take all her knowledge from corporate and use it to develop her own business
  • What she does to identify her ideal client – and how she helps others do the same
  • Early adopters, risk takers and influencers and how that audience creates your ideal customer
  • Why you’ll want to speak to your ideal customer when creating your content
  • The difference between using tactics versus really connecting with your ideal client


“My ideal client is the me that was five years ago.”

“Those of us in the service industry have gone into business because of a pain that we have overcome, and that we want to help others overcome.”

“If there is something that feels right for you, than keep at it.”

“People who you’ve used tactics to manipulate into buying your stuff are not good for your business.”


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