As founder of Gain The Edge, Jim Padilla is known in the personal development and business coaching world as the go-to-guy for all things sales, and as a powerful collaborator. With their army of heart-centered sales rock-stars Jim and his wife Cyndi partner with top industry leaders to help exponentially increase their online launch, and back-of-room revenue.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Jim noticed a need in the market (and a niche was born)
  • Why scaling is so important for coaches and how to define scaling in a different way
  • What to do to cutting through the noise
  • Why you need to have clarity in the direction you want to go before starting to scale your business
  • One of the biggest benefits to scaling


“Scaling is about getting more result in finances with the same transaction base.”

“The people who have the greatest amount of success are the ones that learned to let go.”

“You need to have clarity in the direction you are going, because you can go really fast in a bunch of different directions and not get anywhere.”


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