Bryan Sharpe is a tech startup founder, marketer and author of Twitter Marketing: How to Build a Cult-Like Following, and in this episode he shares his best tips and strategies for how you can start using Twitter to build your following and thought leadership!

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Bryan started out on Twitter and the ways he gained followers and drove traffic to his blog with it
  • What he did to re-align himself with his new interest in Twitter and change the approach to using the platform
  • Strategies for collecting data from others and then use it – while staying true to your thoughts
  • Bryan’s opinions on “Twitter banning”
  • Tips for coaches who want to be more polarizing
  • Whether or not you should be deleting tweets


“Marketers are usually very data driven. You kind of have to know and be on the pulse of what’s going on.”

“The thoughts that I have, I actually share, where as a lot of people the thoughts they have they don’t share because of the backlash.”

“I don’t attack people, I attack ideas.”


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