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Episode #613: James Arthur Ray: The Rise, The Fall & The “Coming” Back

by | Jun 24, 2019 | Featured, Podcasts

James is the author of six internationally best-selling books including his New York Times bestseller HARMONIC WEALTH: The Secret to Attracting the Life You Want; and a co-author and contributor to THE SECRET. Ray has worked with over 1 million people from 145 countries through his audio, video, coaching, and life and business leadership programs.  Over 1 million people have attended his live events worldwide.

After rising to the pinnacle of his profession, he and his company were involved in a tragic accident in 2009 and he lost everything. Since that time, he has applied the same strategies he taught his clients for decades to rebuild his own life and business and to come back strong.

Because of his experience in building from humble beginnings and scratch, as well as rebuilding after hitting rock bottom post terrible crises, James has the unique experience and ability to help those at the top, those on the climb, and those who must put their life back together to get up and climb again.

In his mission to positively impact a minimum of one billion lives and businesses worldwide, Ray continues relentlessly to bring his experience, resilience, adaptability, and wisdom to all those he’s blessed to serve and support.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What the beginning and journey has looked like for James
  • Why he says the massive success of The Secret was both a blessing and a curse
  • What type of clients he likes to work with now and the reasons why
  • The tragic event that changed everything and the challenges James has faced during his comeback
  • His thoughts now on The Law of Attraction
  • What really makes a good coach or teacher
  • A look at his upcoming book, The Business of Redemption (being (released in 2020


“We think it’s so sexy to become an entrepreneur, and so exciting to be a coach, and yet we have absolutely no business experience.”

“You cannot be an effective leader in business until you can effectively lead your own life.”

“I worked the better part of 20 years to become an overnight success. So I was living really lean, on vision sandwiches and faith cookies for a long time.”

“At the core, I choose to believe that every human being is fundamentally good.”

“Here’s what I’ve come to realize, is that the greatest souls experience the greatest suffering.”

“Your scars are a symbol of your strength.”


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