Adil Amarsi is an entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster and author. His audience reads, listens to and watches his material to discover how to use his unique brand of Old School Direct Response Marketing, coupled with this ability to make the complex stuff simple. As a result, they increase their sales, revenues and lead flow, and turn their passions in profitable businesses.


  • How Adil found his own voice after becoming a copywriter
  • A major influence for him in his career involved in direct response marketing
  • Some common mistakes in the world of online copywriters
  • Adil’s technique for having coaches tell their story
  • The negative effects of oversharing without a purpose


“Ask for the damn sale.”

“I started my first business and through business gave me meaning and through meaning gave me a new lease on life and gave me understanding and a place in the world.”

“You want to get to the point where you share just the right thing, because there are certain things I wouldn’t ever share about my life online, just simply because you’ve got to have some level of decorum.”


Adil’s Website & Podcast

The Copywriter Room

Kick-Ass Secrets of the Marketing Rebel by John Carlton

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