Sara Schulting-Kranz is an Adventurer at Heart. Through a highly-personalized coaching experience, Sara guides you to find or rediscover your values, inner strength, and life purpose. Combining coaching with hiking propels your mind and body into a new and adventurous environment, empowering your spirit to take flight.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Sara found herself after life-changing events in her personal life
  • Tips for people dealing with sensitive issues and how to work through them
  • Why putting yourself out there, and showing your hardships, makes you a more relatable coach
  • The reasons Sara decided to do a documentary and how her trauma has had a ripple effect on the people closest to her


“Go deep within and trust yourself.”

“Believe in you, and believe in your message.”

“When you work from the inside out, that is where the magic happens.”


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