Just four years ago, Vin Clancy was living off government assistance. He then launched two websites that received over 20 million visitors, two rounds of funding, and got into the TechStars accelerator.

After starting a six-figure copywriting and growth hacking agency, Vin started teaching others how to gain traffic, followers, and users without spending large amounts of money.

In the last year his book on innovative marketing (growth hacking), launched on Kickstarter, raised over $100,000 in pre-orders, and Vin completed a 100-date speaking tour.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The challenges that Vin had to push through in order to be successful
  • What are “Growth Hacker Marketing Techniques”
  • How to connect free pieces of software
  • Ways to build an empire of Twitter mentions
  • Why you should be finding the “hot spaces”
  • What are the biggest challenges small business owners are facing and how Ace The Game can help
  • The real key to coaching…


“I really think the single most important thing in business is the idea of a blue ocean strategy.”

“These are things you can try right now, that work and that are being used by the biggest growth hackers in the world.”

“Building community is the only thing that is bulletproof.”


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