Jennifer Dawn is the creator of the Best Planner Ever, and as a busy wife, mother of 3, and successful business coach she’s mentored thousands of business owners and professionals on how to “keep track of it all” without losing their sanity and souls in the process.





  • How Jennifer started her first business and the ways it operated differently from her second business
  • How she was able to take her client from losing $20,000 a month the a net profit of $300,000 in under a year
  • A strategy for adding $100,000 on your bottom line in less than an hour
  • Why you should Scale your business in the right way for you
  • Tips for keeping the joy in your business
  • What is “entrepreneur guilt” and how to overcome it


“Once we got the company stable we were able to transition into looking at automation and looking at efficiency and more ways to reduce those operating costs.”

“For different coaches scaling means different things. Scaling could mean a high- end mastermind, scaling could mean an online program or scaling could mean an event. There are a lot of different ways to scale.”

“Having a successful business is a joy, but you have to be in that right mindset in order to really grow it and to love it.”





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