Travis Barton is an expert at taking people who want to be extraordinary to epic new heights. He has personally worked with a variety of people one-on-one, from executives and CEO’s, to athletes and actors, to other coaches and entrepreneurs. Travis supports people in a powerful space to move passionately toward their dreams and goals, creating space for magic to happen.






  • How Travis was drawn to the coaching world and what the “ah-ha” moment was to make him dive full force into it
  • What type of clients he works with today and how that differs from when he first started
  • His tips and strategies for filling your program
  • How to approach potential clients without being a “slimy salesperson”
  • What Travis’ process looks like, from the initial calls to getting a great group of clients to work with


“I was always a good coach without knowing what coaching was. I don’t want to hear about your problems, I want to work through and create a better life.”

“I just developed the skills and got the education and the learning and all the stuff. I just went full force; there was no turning back. This is what I am supposed to do and I’m not going to stop until I get there.”

“I really love working with people who have an adventure deep in their heart, they have music left to be played in their heart.”


The Adventure of Purpose by Travis Barton

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