Amanda Goldman-Petri is the founder of Market Like A Nerd and is internationally renowned as a “Super Coach”, with one of the highest client success rates in the industry. Armed with the perfect mix of extremely valuable content, compelling stories, and a happy-go-lucky, nerdy personality, Amanda’s presentations are both entertaining and educational.





  • How Amanda started her journey in the coaching realm and why her clients’ low success rate didn’t sit right with her
  • What are some of the shifts she made in her business to increase her success rate from 10% to 94%!
  • Why Amanda ditched 90% of her content at one point
  • How she gets and documents her clients’ results
  • Tangible results = transformational results = experiential results


“When we give too much and we give everything that we have, what we actually end up doing is we overwhelm our clients.”

“Information consumption isn’t what is going to get [your clients] results. Taking action is what is going to get them results.”

“They don’t come to you for information, they came to you for transformation.”






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