Today I’m welcoming back David Shriner-Cahn to the podcast. After 30 years of working inside organizations, David launched his own coaching and consulting business in 2006. He gets results for his clients by using a unique strategy that he developed (the TEND System) and shares that message many ways, including with his podcast,“Smashing The Plateau.”





  • How asking his audience about what they wanted helped transition David into what he is doing today
  • What he feels are the biggest challenges facing solopreneurs today
  • The key to recurring revenue
  • Tips that David gives his clients on determining fair prices


“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made the mistake of trying to guess what my perspective clients will want.”

“The more I spend time talking with peers, mentors and clients, the better off I am and the more it reduces the fear that goes on in between my two ears.”

“Most people that are solopreneurs, their training is not in running a small business; their training is in their subject matter.”


David’s Last Appearance on Natural Born Coaches

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