Colin Morgan is the VP Operations at the Plan2Profit Group, and the founder and host of The Daily Grind Podcast, where he interviews today’s most successful business owners and people, in hopes to inspire the next great entrepreneur






  • How three failed businesses directed Colin to what he is doing today
  • What he says are the two key components of a failing businesses
  • Why your business plan should be shorter
  • The biggest mistake that Colin sees entrepreneurs making today
  • How entrepreneurs can increase the success rate of their business
  • Why Colin really started his podcast…


“The quicker you can get across what you do, why you are doing it and show the benefits of the business, the more the investor is going to be intrigued to give you money.”

“It really takes a whole lot more than just an effort to be successful.”

“If you can look at life and be progress-driven instead of results-driven, and just focus on taking one step forward, you are going to be exactly where you want to be.”


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