Sara_CruzSara Cruz helps burnt out and frustrated executives to establish absolute clarity around the life they want, discover the addictive patterns and behaviors that are keeping them stuck, and learn a step by step process to change their behaviors and create new habits -so they can achieve a vibrant career and an extraordinary life!






  • How having a morning routine increases your performance
  • As entrepreneurs it is natural to reach for technology and electronic devices, but find out why staying away from tech in the morning is a good thing
  • Ways to utilize a calendar and schedule for your success (both in your work and personal life)
  • Why as entrepreneurs we need to protect our time and learn to intentionally say ‘No’
  • The importance of energizing your body, mind and spirit


“It’s all about fuelling your mind, body and soul first thing in the morning so you’re ready to hit the ground running feeling as your best self.”

“The most successful people and the highest performers in the world do not touch technology for the first hour of their day.”

“The bottom line is when you give to yourself, you have more to give to others.”

“The first step to creating a new habit is, just start.”


High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard


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