Chris-Burns-copyChris Burns a.k.a. Mr. “Heart Fire” is an Inspirational Speaker, podcaster and Host of the weekly “Ideas Matter Having Fun” 12 Hour Facebook Live-Streamed Personal Development Marathon.  He is the Founder and Head Coach of Burn It Up Coaching, which focuses on Accountability, Breakthroughs, Courage, and Confidence. He has worked with clients ranging from entrepreneurs to CEOs and has spoken on many stages across the United States and at various personal development company trainings and seminars.


  • How going to jail led Chris to the realization that he needed to take control of his future
  • His journey to discovering what his true skills and passions are
  • What were his biggest fears and inadequacies – and how he conquered them
  • The ways he is able to work through his feeling of “imposter syndrome”
  • How his business has evolved over the years and the relationship it’s had with his own personal develop
  • There is no such thing as being “too connected!”


“There is something that people and kids and young adults are not being taught, like what is your passion, what is your purpose, what is love?”

“The best coaches for me tend to find me.”

“Create an identity for yourself that allows you to step back up to your power.”

“You are one connection away, one idea, one action, one system, one away from completely transforming your life, your business, your income, your fulfillment, and your impact in the world.”


Thinking into Results Program for Leaders Training Curriculum by Bob Proctor


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