CoreyPoirierCorey Poirier is a A multiple-time TEDx and MoMonday’s Speaker, and the host of the top-rated ‘”Conversations with PASSION!” radio show. He’s a popular speaker who has shared the stage with some of the biggest names out there, and he gives his advice for coaches looking to be paid for speaking in this interview! 



“I discovered this world of speaking and right away instantly recognized it has all the things I loved – and few of the things I didn’t” 

“Success leaves clues and if you can learn from someone who’s already fallen down the manholes versus falling down them yourself, you should do that…”  

“You need to be living on purpose.”  

“I’m a really big advocate of having a speaking career as part of your journey whether that is a supplemental income or primary income or even if it is just to explode your business.” 


LINKS (Corey’s book – for a free copy, visit the link and use the passcode “why“) (The Coaching Jungle Facebook group) (Jian Ghomeshi INTERVIEW with Billy Bob Thorton)

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