DavideDiGiorgioDavide Di Giorgio is a longtime theater producer, creator, educator, audacious speaker and entrepreneur. He helps his clients nail their TED Talks, and he shares how you can do the same! 



“You would be ahead of the curve if you were just being unique to yourself right from the get go.”

“You have to understand a TED talk is an idea-driven talk. The idea is the vehicle that drives people, that drives the entire talk.”

“What really creates magic on a TED stage is you just have this idea and you know what you want people to hear about it; that really makes for an amazing talk every single time.”

“Fear is a reaction instead of a response to something logical.”



“Captivate” (book by Vanessa Van Edwards) 

Ken Robinson’s TED Talk re: creativity 

Jia Jang’s TED Talk re: rejection 

Guy Kawasaki’s Website 

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