OguzKonarAfter Oguz Konar witnessed his family’s small business fall apart due to financial and marketing illiteracy, he decided to take action and learn the secrets of sales and marketing to keep other small business owners from making the same mistakes. He’s the author of two best-selling on online marketing and marketing automation. He stops by Natural Born Coaches to share how coaches should use Facebook ads to get more clients!



“If you find a problem that people are suffering from and you offer solution for that problem, guess what?  You make money from that, you solve a problem and you have a lot of fans.”

“The first goal of Facebook ads is not to make money but to break even from your first funnel.”

“Segmenting your audience is really, really key.”

“I would want to hear what my coach sounds like, or what he knows, or the wisdom he or she has. So when you’re setting up an ad, video is the best platform for that.”



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