Episode #771: Mike Wayne: Want To Get More Engagement on Social Media? Here’s How!

by | Jun 27, 2022 | Podcasts

I’ve had the opportunity to witness how effective today’s guest is at getting engagement on social media, and I wanted to have him on the podcast to share how he does it with you! Mike Wayne is the CEO and founder of FunnelStreams, and he helps coaches and consultants brand, market and sell better on the Internet. I just know that there’s something Mike will share in this episode that will help you in getting more engagement on social media, and a result, more business!

What We Cover in This Episode:

  • Mike talks about his experience with “Facebook Jail” and how he was able to pivot and move past Facebook restricting his account
  • Why he is open to calling people out on Facebook and how that leads to him finding his tribe
  • Ways to use humor to attract and sell on social media
  • His group mentoring program and how he offers real-time coaching on what is happening and working in his own business
  • What are Mike’s views on guaranteed results when offering his programs or coaching


“The more I leaned into that kind of content, the more clients and the more engagement and the more trust I built.”

The more radically honest and transparent I am, and the more I’m not afraid to speak my mind, the more I attract my real tribe.”

“One you realize what Facebook values in terms of engagement, it is just a matter of applying the knowledge.”

“Embrace your real self and just lean into what makes you, you.”


Mike’s Website & The Mike Wayne Show

His Lifestyle School


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