Episode #770: Libby Rothschild: Creating a 7-Figure Coaching Biz (in a Unique Niche!)

by | Jun 20, 2022 | Podcasts

One of the things that I like about most about doing this podcast is that I get the opportunity to speak with coaches who are operating in unique niches. Today’s episode is no exception, as you’ll meet Libby Rothschild – CEO, and founder of the Dietitian Boss Method ™, which has supported over 1,000 dietitians to attract clients in their private practices!

What We Cover in This Episode:

• The struggles Libby encountered when she first entered her field

• How she is now handling competition years later after building her business with virtually no competition

• Why Libby chose to stay tight within her niche and client base until she developed a methodology, and what she is now doing to implement this strategy in other verticals within her business

• The importance of getting a trademark for your processes as a coach

• Some examples of the “hyper-niched” clients she works with

• What are the foundational principals that new coaches often struggle with when defining themselves and standing out


“I wanted to find out what other people were doing to feel aligned and important, because I wasn’t feeling valued in my 9-5 [job], and to make money and really to stop working so much.”

“I believe in competition and ultimately, the mission of the company is to create more private practice operators.”

“Only 8 percent of dieticians own a business. There is a huge need for us to have those business skills that we weren’t taught in school.”

“I believe part of what helped me grow was finding a big problem that I solved in a space, and I was able to differentiate, and I had the courage to not expand and go wide and say I’ll help all healthcare practitioners.”

“If you look and sound like everybody else, people won’t purchase from you, and any good, healthy business has reoccurring revenue.”


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