After working in a major ad agency with clients like Neil Patel, Sam Ovens, Ryan Moran, and Paleo Secret and after “hustling” to build his own set of businesses, (and saying yes to everything), Sean Kemp burnt out. He now helps real people build a lifestyle business with the income they seek using tested and proven strategies to grow, trust, authority and influence online.

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why it’s vital for you to have a specific niche
  • How to use your existing audience to niche down to it
  • The real reasons that coaches are struggling with lead generation
  • The importance of describing the pain point for the customer
  • Why implementation is the key to your success!  


“The reason coaches have such a hard time getting qualified leads and actually closing them is because they are so generic.”

“Niche down by pain or problem.”

“Your niche will actually find you, rather than you trying to find it.”


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