Michael Praver is a business funding coach, educator, public speaker and the founder of Business Coach Funding. He has been in the business credit and business finance industry for over 20 years and has used this experience to help many entrepreneurs in various fields find the funding they need to move their projects forward.


  • What is Business Coach Funding and how it can help you grow your business
  • The way it is structured to acquire what program is best for you – by interest rate, liability, amount and more
  • What are the biggest challenges and issues holding coaches back and what Michael sees on the horizon in 2019 for the industry
  • The reasons he decided to niche down to offer an exclusive program for business coaches


“It should be clean, direct, safe and private. I mean these are the cornerstones of what we do.”

“It doesn’t just help the individual client that you bring us but its helps your business coaching practice either by bringing in referrals or charging more, or both.”







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